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Christ Lutheran Christian AKIDemy is permanently closing at the end of April.

Christ Lutheran Christian AKIDemy is unique among Childcare Centers and Preschools. It is able to offer the full package for parents who cannot shift their children between a Preschool and Childcare Center during the day.

But more unique is the programming offered. Our teachers are highly trained and dedicated to the work they do. They don't see themselves as babysitters who simply watch over the children as they play all day. The AKIDemy is Montessori inspired.

Maria Montessori believed that children innately know what they need. So within a structure of respect for self, others and the materials, children are free to choose what they need to learn once they have received a lesson on that particular item. This enables not only the ability to “take off” in a special area of interest, but also enables a child the opportunity to explore, learn, self-correct and grow in esteem as well as knowledge. The usual letters, shapes, numbers, etc. are studied but in an environment of exploration and fun.

What Parents are Saying

I moved my daughter to the AKIDemy because I felt a caring and supportive environment here. She has done really well here. She likes going out on the playground. The Montessori philosophy was huge in my decision to place her at the AKIDemy.

If you are looking for a small close-knit childcare/preschool, rather than a large crazy place, you'll like the AKIDemy.

My son minds his manners much better at home since he's been at the AKIDemy. He has really grown in his learning skills. And all the teacher and kids know each other and get along.

In just a month my granddaughter has gained so much. Now, instead of rushing headlong into things, she asks things like, "Can I play with my toys? or, will you do this for me?" She can also, now, put her own shoes on. She has grown so much academically. She is just over two years old and knows her letters up to P. She goes around singing the "ABC Song." She also reminds herself when she is done playing with something, "Now I need to pick up my toys and then I can play with something else." Her manners are amazing!

Since my son has attended the AKIDemy he has grown a lot in his motor skills. He has grown also emotionally and academically. And he was potty trained in three weeks!

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Questions? Please call Pastor Rebecca at the church office: 632-8429 to leave a message and receive a returned call from her.


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